Gillean Opoku


Twitter: @GilleanO

Who is Gillean Opoku?

“I was born in Australia to Ghanaian parents and found it very hard to find myself in the mix of the Australian and Ghanaian (African) culture. From a young age, I turned to creativity to find myself and maintain my culture. I followed through and pursued design at a tertiary level. Yet, I felt a backlash from the African community. Questions of why and looks of disapproval became the norm when I told African people I studied Visual Communications at University. At the time, I couldn’t really find people within my African-Australian community who were involved in the creative discourse and had the same issues.

I found comfort in online spaces all based in countries other than Australia. As time went on, I started to notice an emergence creativity within the African-Australian community. I felt that there needed to be a space to promote this culture, a space to voice opinions, promote work and experiences of African-Australian creatives. So I started the Afroklectic blogspot, which has now evolved into I hope you enjoy this space!” (source)

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