Tami Stillwell


Website: http://tamistillwell.com
Twitter: @TamiFromMiami

Who is Tami Stillwell?

“Creativity is the mind’s playground. Here we are free to experiment with the outrageous and dance with the forbidden. In this field of play, many feel the need to place restrictions on themselves, thus limiting their potential as creative beings. I believe creativity is having the courage to challenge limitations, and this is a challenge I gladly accept!

I am creative. I am a graphic designer. I am an artist. I am independent. My experience is gathered from tapping different fields of art and design, from corporate identity, environmental design and website design to painting, drawing and photography. My design is described as simple and clean while my art is described as wild and free.

Whether it’s art or design, know that it’s coming from a place inside, a place of true passion. When it comes to design, I’ve always been told “not to get attached”. But how can that be when it’s coming from me. Feel free to explore the different sides of my creativity. I hope you will enjoy what you see and if I can help you with my creativity, then we shall see where and how our paths will cross.” (source)

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