Chikezie Ejiasi


Twitter: @chik

Who is Chikezie Ejiasi?

“I grew up in Cedar Rapids, Iowa – the second largest city in the hawkeye state, with my twin brother and two awesome sisters.

In my early years I spent more time gaming on my Sega Genesis than I did toying around with a computer, let alone design. I actually didn’t go to school for design either. I spent my college years as a Computer Science Major at the University of Iowa. After a couple years of Mathematical Induction and Big-O Notation (which was actually kind of interesting as it applies to general problem/conceptual solving skills), I wanted to pursue a career in Game Design. So I started illustrating fantasy-like characters, writing a novel, and looking for schools that could make this dream of mine come true. I researched schools and industry lore for months, to see what it was like to be a game designer in the gaming industry — let’s just say was less than intrigued with the ROI.

So I started getting into Flash, as a way to somewhat tap into my desire to do something ‘Interactive’. Fast forward 10 years with time spent designing for big and small brands alike (Google, Oakley, Rayban, RED). I still practice Interaction design today, and I’m more than blessed to be able to work with some substantially talented people.” (source)

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