Michael C. Lurry


Website: http://michael-christopher.com
Twitter: @MykLCris24

Who is Michael C. Lurry?

“Michael is a highly talented creative prevention consultant living in the Washington, DC area. His concepts and designs have helped bring success to many prevention campaigns across the country.

Michael started his career in graphic design at Van Nostrand Reinhold, a small professional reference publishing house in New York, Michael quickly moved up to Senior designer then relocated to Washington DC where he started his journey in prevention.

Michael has collaborated with agencies such as National Library of Medicine, Bethune-Cookman University, New York Presbyterian Hospital, NASTAD, Global Protection Corp., AID Atlanta, Golden Rule Services, and the Sacramento Department of Health.

As a graphic design consultant, Michael has worked with such prestigious companies as Booz Allen Hamilton, The Victory Fund, MSHC Direct, and Tommy Hilfiger. He was the ’06 creative director of the White Attire Affair, a fundraiser attracting nearly 2500 attendees, and former Graphic Design Manager at JBS International, Inc. in North Bethesda, Maryland.” (source: email)

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