Vaughn Fender


Twitter: @vaughnfender

Who is Vaughn Fender?

“Born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica, Vaughn is a designer, illustrator and letterer. His work is marked by hand-drawn characters, letters, vibrant colors, and a bit of randomness.

When not 9-to-5ing at Taylor Design in Stamford, he spends the other hours creating in a variety of ways for himself and others. He’s had the pleasure of collaborating with clients such as American Express, Sarah Lawrence, Grooveshark, Golden West Humanitarian Foundation, University of Connecticut and the Hall Pass Tour. For himself, he puts together posters, prints and short-run zines including So Far So Good, Nothing New, and Note to Self.

He has also designed and published a quarterly magazine called PeculiarBliss that is a showcase for artists across the globe.” (source)

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