Kish Hickerson


Twitter: @KishHickerson

Who is Kish Hickerson?

“I’m a curiously creative Experience Designer well versed in a myriad of platforms. I initially entered the digital realm as a graphic designer but the pace of technology demanded otherwise. As a graphic design student at the Savannah College of Art and Design, I had the opportunity to study the relationship of color theory, proximity, grid systems and the importance of typography.

As I grew from an Interface Designer to an Experience Designer, I became intrigued with the “whys”” and “hows”” that led users to engaged or abandon products. I started to use the Fly-On-The-Wall research method to gather data. I spent one hour a day observing humans interact with everyday objects to understand the successes, nuances and frustrations with experiences gone wrong. I used that data to design more authentic human centered experiences for clients and personal projects.

In the ideation and discovery stages, I curate seamless experiences guided by color psychology, personas and scenarios. On most projects, I use Rapid Iterative Testing and Evaluation to quickly identify and remove problems early in the design process.

When I’m not designing, I enjoy exhibits, festivals, traveling, biking and meditating. For the next 3 months my goals are to experiment with 3D-Printing and Raspberry Pi. (source)

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