Quinnton Harris


Website: http://www.quinntonharris.com
Twitter: @quinntonharris

Who is Quinnton Harris?

“I am a young griot living in Brooklyn, NY. I come from a rich heritage of artists, musicians, and storytellers, many whom settled on the west side of Chicago during the Great Migration. At age 16, my life seemingly started down a different path, one that felt distant from my artistic origins. However, it was at the Institute where I learned to see my journey not as a departure from my heritage, but as an evolution of the family trade. This realized path balanced my artistic nature with my technological dispensation.

My work to date is mostly comprised of graphics and photos. I began as a storyteller for some the most influential forces of our time. I have since become consumed with creating magical experiences. Currently, I curate product experiences at Walker and Company Brands, a movement focused on making health and beauty simple for those who share in my traditions. (source)

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