Uchechi Kalu Jacobson


Website: http://www.uchechi.com
Twitter: @uchechi_writes

Who is Uchechi Kalu Jacobson?

“I am a Tech Entrepreneur, Startup Founder, Public Speaker, Wife, Runner, Wine Lover and published author.

After college I started working as an online copywriter, and that led to a career in technology. One thing led to another and I found UX, and it was love at first wireframe.

I’ve always been passionate about using language and design to create great experiences, and I’m grateful I get to do this everyday.

I’m currently a UX Designer, Project Manager and Content Strategist at Linking Arts Web Development, a software and design development company based in New Orleans. My husband is the developer and founder, and I handle the UX and content. We know what it’s like to work together, and we do it well.

Getting married led us to start wedocracy.com, the virtual wedding planner for couples and guests. We built it to plan our own wedding after searching for social wedding planning tools and not finding them, and since then we’ve embarked on a journey that’s changed our lives. We’re changing the way people plan and attend weddings. And it’s exciting.

I’m also the host of #yeswecode twitter chat, a conversation about tech inclusion. Sometimes we talk about diverse tech skills, people, resources and what it means to bring all of us to the table as creators as well as consumers.” (source, abridged)

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