Erik Ford

Twitter: @okayerik

Who is Erik Ford?

“I hail from New York City, have two beautiful children and now live in San Antonio, TX. I am also an enthusiastic New York “Football” Giants fan — Go, Big Blue! — and have been an avid comic book collector for as long as I can remember.

I spent 16 years in the music business — 10 of which was spent in the employ of Atlantic Records — where I met some incredible people and forged lifelong relationships. To this day, I love discovering and sharing new music and welcome anyone who would like to join me on that journey.

My current day job consists of being one of the founding principals, along with Jeanette Fernandez and Steven Darby, of Heavy Heavy, a creative studio in San Antonio. Though I am passionate and opinionated about my profession, I try not to take it, or myself, too seriously.” (source)

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