Jessica Royals

Twitter: @jessica_royals

Who is Jessica Royals?

“I’m a UX Designer creating user-centered experiences on mobile and desktop platforms—from news and information apps, to multimedia storytelling experiences, to tools for newsmakers. My ultimate satisfaction is in making experiences that are meaningful, engaging and easy to use.

My approach to product design is holistic. I combine skills from my background in visual communication and graphic design with principles of usability and human-computer interaction. I explore user needs and business goals using competitive analysis, analytics, user interviews and user-testing to gain audience insights and create requirements. Then, working collaboratively with developers and designers, I create site maps, flows, wireframes and prototypes to capture the interface.

Increasingly, I’m working with emerging technologies like wearables and virtual reality. Making sense of these new experiences for users is challenging and exciting. I’m driven for measurable results and relish opportunities to iterate and refine.” (source)

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