Juanika S. Freeman

Website: http://www.onetechgirl.com/
Twitter: @OneTechGirl

Who is Juanika S. Freeman?

“There’s a way that any goal can be accomplished. I take pride in my work and I’m a very fast learner. There is one thing that really headers most techs starting out and that is not knowing how to research a problem. Most IT issues can be solved in just the matter of minutes with a little bit of research. I am an IT professional and trained computer technician with demonstrated ability to integrate communication skills, support experience, and related education to exceed technical, business, customer requirements, and overall company goals. Committed and motivated employee focused on the success of the team, the solutions, the company, and its values, while maintaining individual success.

When I get off of work I go home and spend more hours of my time setting up my personal lab of Servers and Networks just to learn something new. My lab consist of routers, switches, access points 2 Windows workstations running VMware and a Macbook Pro running Kali Linux, Windows 2008 and Windows 8 from Virtual Box. I also have a Windows 2012 server running Net App storage. I love to learn new things and help others when I can.” (source)

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