Rasheeda Mandeeya Yehuza

Website: http://www.rasheedayehuza.com
Twitter: @rasheedayehuza

Who is Rasheeda Mandeeya Yehuza?

“I am a driven technology enthusiast, software engineer, product and project implementer, problem solver, social entrepreneur and have ventured into a couple of entrepreneurial works and led and managed teams and products. My fascination runs wild and I enjoy reading random articles online and have a deep interest in history and medieval inventions, and also an intense fascination about space, aliens and human evolution.

I founded and lead the technical development of the online buying and selling platform, Click Trade Ghana, from August, 2012 to December, 2013, built the snapso shutdown manager, snapso web browser, sphere attack game, and Buju Hunt Game from 2012-2013, under the now deprecated brand, Snapsoh, and currently lead the development of Nasara Mobile and the Nasara Voting System under Nasara Tech Ltd. which I founded in August 2013.

As a software engineer at VOTO Mobile, I have built several software features for the VOTO platform and notably led the development of the VOTO Mobile API and documentation and it’s maintenance.

As part of my commitment towards social entrepreneurship, I co-founded Tech Needs Girls Ghana, an annual interactive workshop for girls in Ghana. The workshop involves a hands on session where the girls learn to develop mobile and web applications, interact with software that teach them more about STEM, and have the advantage of meeting female technologists who instruct and mentor them. I am also actively involved in general youth development in Ghana and an organizer, mentor and member of GhanaThink foundation’s programs. The GhanaThink Foundation is a youth-led NGO. Its primary goal is to harness the diverse talents of Ghanaians in Ghana and the diaspora for the benefit of Ghana, and by extension Africa and the world.

I am very passionate about music and poetry and enjoy writing songs and poems and blogging about my experiences, music and technology on my personal site.” (source)

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