Zaid Hisham

Twitter: @zaidhisham

Who is Zaid Hisham?

“I help outdoor eCommerce retail companies make more money by using design to increase conversions.

My experience spans mobile, responsive web, gaming, and desktop applications for startups, eCommerce and large software companies.

I’ve worked on products for:

  • Microsoft Azure
  • Xbox One
  • Intel
  • Red Bull
  • CDK
  • Stillmotion

Some of my accomplishments:

  • Created a navigation and wayfinding system for the Xbox One store
  • Designed detail pages for new product types for the Xbox One store
  • Improved the conversation rate for the hotels shopping path
  • Designed internal tool interfaces Intel and Expedia
  • Led rebranding effort for large humanitarian aid agency


  • Design for eCommerce conversion
  • Design for A/B tests
  • Branding eCommerce websites
  • Conversion copywriting
  • Strategy canvas facilitation
  • Competitive Analysis”


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