Aaron Cowdery

Website: https://www.aaroncowdery.com
Twitter: @ChakraXcartoons

Who is Aaron Cowdery?

“Aaron Cowdery, based in the greater New York City area, has been working in the animation industry since 2012. Originally from the Philly suburbs, Aaron is passionate about the storytelling and problem-solving qualities of animation.

Graduating with a BFA in Animation from the University of the Arts in 2012, Aaron has worked on television shows, commercials, and web spots with various studios. His projects include Fox’s Golan the Insatiable, TV Land’s Hot in Cleveland, and Dove’s Suave for Men hair products. He also runs his own YouTube channel with over 47 million views and almost 70 thousand subscribers.

Aaron is enamored by a vast array of animation styles. From the more graphic elements of motion design, to the cutting edge adrenaline of action cartoons, Aaron is always up to the task of delivering an outstanding project. Using software such as After Effects, Toon Boom, and Cinema4D, he is always expanding his toolset to get the job done as efficiently as possible.” (source)

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