Monique Steele

Twitter: @momosteele07

Who is Monique Steele?

“I have always been a very nostalgia riddled person. At my core I long for days that I have already experienced, for that joy of being a kid running through the sprinklers at summertime and the pure exaltation of just growing up. I constantly strive to relive that feeling, and I think my art, as a result, is just an outpouring of that. I try to emulate ‘the simpler times’ through my style going for simpler shapes and basic yet bright color palettes. Even my subject matter in itself is representative of that idea, as I tend to tie what I’m illustrating back into the idea of past decades and symbols of popular culture of the time.

I try to bring forth a feeling of warmth, triumph and the greatness of just being when I do my artwork because that’s the way I view nostalgia as a time where anything is possible. I hope that when others see my art, even though nostalgia might not be at the forefront of the piece, they get that ‘coming of age’ feeling. I hope that they see my piece as a testament to a time where everything was harmonious and that they feel the way I do when faced with ‘nostalgic’ moments.

In the future I hope to find more effective ways to incorporate the sentimental with the contemporary. I would like to continue down this artistic path of reminding people of the simple pleasures in life with my art and I hope people continue to enjoy it.” (source)

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