Nina Simmons

Twitter: @ninasimmons716

Who is Nina Simmons?

ā€œIā€™m a insightful visionary that has a passion for art direction, creative design, and event planning. I love to spend my time decorating, cooking delicious meals and hosting dinner par-tays!

I have over ten years of professional design experience working with corporate entities as well as entrepreneurs and special event planners. Each project is unique so I consult and assist you by visualizing what you need and present the best solution for your brand.

Design is my passion and it shows when I work and collaborate with you through excellent customer service, timeliness with completing projects, and determination in getting a project done in a way that will exceed your your expectations. My key strengths set me apart; so by by thinking strategically, overseeing and managing each component of your new brand image, and by us working as team we are able to makes sure you stand out above your competitors.

In addition to my excellent design skills, I want to be an inspiration to creative professionals and anyone looking to continually explore, learn and absorb the wonders of the world we are blessed to share together.ā€ (source, abridged)

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