Udo Nkwocha

Website: http://udoka.me
Twitter: @thisisudo

Who is Udo Nkwocha?

“Ever since I stumbled upon the article ‘How to become a hacker’ by Eric Steven Raymond I have been passionate about computers. My insatiable curiosity about technology makes me a life-long learner seeking to understand the inner-workings of complex stuff.

I am particularly passionate about front-end web development and Javascript and have spent over two years programming Javascript applications with modern frameworks.

I have worked with teams from around the world building intuitive web applications user interfaces that are optimised for the multiple browsers and speed and at the same time deliver value to the customer.

I also commit to open source projects the latest being React D3 which helps present statistical/analytical data in a meaningful way.

I believe technology can make the world a better place and I hope to make a positive impact on people’s lives by using it to create long-term value.” (source)

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