Adrian Grant

Twitter: @AdrianGrant

Who is Adrian Grant?

“I paid for college by cutting hair, selling Hip Hop beats, and modding cell phones.

Ohh wait, that’s two truths and a lie. You’re not here for that…you want a business summary so here goes…

🔸I love startups and helping startup founders succeed 🔸

My decade plus career spans product, engineering, to venture capital. I’ve been told my unique quality is balancing both the technical and business worlds.

As an entrepreneur, I’ve built Media to AI companies with customers spanning Pepsi to Post Foods. I’m especially thankful to Comcast, Samsung, and Dreamit Ventures amongst others for backing these ventures.

As an Engineer, I’ve been featured in Forbes to PC Magazine and recognized by Apple (inquire within for details!).

I’m fond of cats, cat lovers, and Trap music in that order.

My skills in bullet form for you search engines out there:
⚡️Full Stack, Soft/Hardware Development
⚡️Early Stage Venture Capital deal sourcing (Media, IoT, B2B, B2C, Consumer, Developer Tools)
⚡️Startups (Seed & Pre-Seed Fundraising, Partnerships, Scaling)
⚡️Product Management & Optimization” (source, abridged)

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