Benjamin Earl Evans

Benjamin Earl Evans

Twitter: @benjamineevans

Who is Benjamin Earl Evans?

“Benjamin Earl Evans is a inclusive design lead – a new breed of problem solvers tackling issues like racism, sexism and bias. He uses design thinking to help everyone – from creative professionals to business leaders – create more inclusive products and services.

Currently, he works as design lead for Airbnb’s anti discrimination team.

Previously, he worked to craft award-winning solutions for clients all over the world. From independent artists, to start-ups and small businesses, his work has been used to launch companies, revitalize brands, generate fan bases and sky-rocket sales.

He is an expert hands-on digital marketing professional. He’s been responsible for ‘big idea’ development and execution. He’s managed innovative, results-oriented, digital strategy campaigns.

A passionate self-starter who is inspired by the ever-changing world of new media, and leverages digital technology and psychological principles to craft experiences that engage, captivate and compel audiences.” (source)

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