Geoffrey Crowell

Geoffrey Crowell

Twitter: @mistag1982

Who is Geoffrey Crowell?

“I am a VFX, Motion Graphics, and Storyboard Artist with experience in Feature Films, Television, and Commercials. In addition, I also have experience in Print, Web, and UI/UX Design.

I have had the pleasure of producing work for a diverse array of companies worldwide, and have enjoyed a collaborative relationship with many brands, agencies and studios.

My goals: problem solving, exploration and growth, thinking outside the box, and executing phenomenal work all over the globe.

Specialties: Compositing, Matte Painting, Particle/Dynamics Simulations, 2D/3D Motion Tracking, Rotoscoping, Stereoscopic Conversion, Motion Graphics, Editing, Sound Design, Storyboarding/Pre-Visualization, Graphic Design, Web Development, UI/UX Design.” (source, abridged)

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