Jessica Rycheal

Twitter: @JessicaRycheal

Who is Jessica Rycheal?

“Jessica Rycheal is a Southern interdisciplinary visual story-teller and Art Director based in Seattle, Washington. Rycheal received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design from Georgia Southern University. After spending a few years cultivating her talents in the southeast, Rycheal relocated to Seattle. She’s carved space for herself in the pacific northwest with an entrepreneurial spirit, people-centric design sensibilities, and aptitude for providing innovative creative solutions that yield measurable business growth. Projects for global brands like Gatorade, Under Armour, and Amazon have employed Rycheal’s savvy from Seattle-based agencies to studios in Germany.

In contrast, Jessica Rycheal’s portraits explore the depth and humanity of blackness, in predominately-white Seattle and areas where gentrification and displacement eclipse black visibility. Her work gives reverence to “regular black folks,” as she captures her subjects with an intimacy and honesty that makes them feel familiar. Like kinfolk. Her first museum exhibition, “EVERYDAY BLACK,” features contemporary portraits from both Rycheal and Zorn B. Taylor at the Northwest African-American Museum here in Seattle. In the exhibit curated by C. Davida Ingram and Leilani Lewis, Jessica Rycheal’s visual archive underlines the beauty and heroism of blackness and its resilience. She writes, “I love how impossible it is to define blackness. It is vibrant and diverse, intersectional and complex. And it is endlessly reinventing itself as our circumstances and social climate change and evolve.”

Though the disciplines in which Jessica Rycheal works vary, the common thread unifying her diverse mediums of expression is story-telling. Her passion for story-telling is rooted in a love for people, specifically humanity in regard to individuality. It is this love and passion that yield the emotive, impactful and relatable body of work for which Rycheal is known.” (source)

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