Ovetta Sampson

Website: http://www.ovetta-sampson.com/
Twitter: @writingprincess

Who is Ovetta Sampson?

“After decades of failing and succeeding forward I’m finally living my best life. As a Design Research Lead at IDEO here in Chicago I am blessed to collaborate with some of the most talented, kind and uber smart people as we create a human-centered designed future.
I am beyond thrilled to blend my love of human discovery – researching attitudes, rituals, culture, behavior and bizarre dress codes – with my nerdy need to understand technology, science and the world around me as part of my everyday job.

Following my passion with data, analytics and design, I focus on the intersectionality of humans and technology from mobile apps to intelligent systems.

I’m obsessed with ways to make future technology more human-centered and have over the last 18 months helped IDEO develop some best practices to blend the unique special sauce of design research with the rocket fuel that is data science and machine learning to produce incredible design.

Working side by side with data scientists for most of my career at IDEO and beyond has helped me to codify into practical ethical guidelines and best practices to develop truly human-centered AI.

When not working, I can be found swimming, biking and running, preferably in that order and in exotic locales. And occasionally, doing these races called Ironmans.” (source, abridged)

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