Brittney Hopgood

Brittney Hopgood

Twitter: @By_Britt

Who is Brittney Hopgood?

“As a life learner and generalist, I remain curious about emerging methods and perspectives within and adjacent to design. I enjoy exploring the intersection of design, strategy, and sociology.

I’m passionate about creating holistic solutions across design disciplines while still remaining grounded in cultural awareness, ethical values, and inclusive design. When I’m not spending time with my shih-tzu son, you can find me learning new sewing techniques, binge watching a new tv series, or detangling my hair.


I’m always open to new projects and conversations. If you’re interested in working together, or gushing over the greatness that is Watchmen on HBO, let’s talk. Otherwise, I’ll see you on the internet somewhere (word to Evelyn).” (source)

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