Christian Nwamba

Christian Nwamba

Twitter: @codebeast

Who is Christian Nwamba?

“My name is Christian Nwamba, also called Codebeast. I’m a Software Engineer and love making things that might possibly work using JavaScript. I currently work as a Senior Cloud Developer Advocate🥑 at Microsoft. I was also a Developer Advocate for 2 years at Cloudinary before joining Microsoft.

Before becoming an advocate, I loved working as a consultant. I consulted as a Software Developer, Developer Advocate, Technical Writer and Community Champion for startups including, Auth0, Pusher, Cloudinary, Progress, deepstreamHub, Logrocket, Dialog Engineers, Manifold, etc.

I love working with the developer communities to build an ecosystem. With forces from colleagues and friends we built communities like forLoop Africa, Angular Nigeria, Concatenate Conference,, and a lot more. I am responsible for expanding the forLoop Africa communities across new African countries and ecosystems while trying my best to sustain the existing ones.” (source)

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