Devan Anderson

Devan Anderson

Twitter: @devanondeck

Who is Devan Anderson?

“I’m a college dropout that was one of the first employees of Snapchat, specifically on the Content team— specialized in local Los Angeles coverage as well as Fashion.

Throughout my time there I learned a ton! Most notably how tech and creative can support business goals and drive revenue through effective storytelling. As a freelance Art Director, I’ve always known that at a high level, but my time at Snap allowed me to get a granular view of things. Every ounce of time outside of work was used to build my personal brand via Instagram and construct a body of work for my exit strategy.

After about a year and a half of building relationships with fashion retailers, style influencers & tech wizards, I had acquired the final piece to my professional acumen to make the leap. As a result of a department closure, I left Snap as a self-reliant content producer, digital strategist and story teller; with proofs of concept to boot.

I’m currently thriving as an Art Director with the ability to both effectively communicate and teach how to use digital means to support business and career goals for just about anyone. The reason that I have clients from all walks of life—professional athletes, entrepreneurs, musicians, fashion retailers, etc— is because I am my own living, breathing proof of concept. I have my finger on the pulse and my foot on the gas!” (source)

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