Lauren Black

Lauren Black

Twitter: @LRNBLK000000

Who is Lauren Black?

“I’m a Chicago born / Los Angeles based Designer bringing a background in Visual Design along for the ride, with nearly 10 years of experience complimented by social media strategy and experiential marketing. From end to end, I aim to craft truly satisfying, intuitive, and empowering experiences on both sides of the screen and within products that find themselves at the cornerstones of daily life. As a graphic designer, it was the persistent strategy behind my projects that made my transition to UX a seamless one.

Driven by the incredibly powerful, people-centered knowledge of what’s natural, what’s obvious, and what’s good in bespoke projects, sized to fit business needs. The adventure that is freelancing has allowed me the opportunity to speak visually to the times, while working in a multitude of environments & teams, on an expanse of products across industries. I design for PEOPLE. “Users” is too sterile – the stuff of lab rats, white coats, and spaces void of lived experiences.” (source)

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