Agyei Archer

Agyei Archer

Twitter: @agyeidesign

Who is Agyei Archer?

“Hi, I’m Agyei, I’m a design director from Trinidad & Tobago, focusing on visual communications using type, graphics, and code. Normal output takes the form of brand identities, web sites, custom typography, lettering, editorial design, and creative concepts. I also write about design and design projects, prepare workshops, and present conference talks. My worked has helped the Government of Trinidad and Tobago, the Government of St. Kitts & Nevis, Beston Consulting, and Google, among others.

I’m also Trinidad’s first typeface designer, interested mainly in projects influenced by Caribbean vernacularity and strange cuts of even stranger classics, and pan-African language support. I’m currently working on my first release for Google Fonts: Crispy, a 7-axis variable font initially influenced by ITC Pioneer.

These days, most of my work is in directing and coordinating medium- and large-scale design projects, balanced with public contributions to design and design culture at events like Ted x Port of Spain and TypeCon, and open-sourced documentation of new or tricky processes.

Recently, I launched Unqueue, which is a mobile application designed to make selling, shopping and logistics easier in the Caribbean, by handling orders, preorders, payments and delivery management.

I also have conducted workshops and specialist lectures on type stuff, design stuff, and (somehow) programming.

I like to stay busy :)” (source)

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