Daniel Tuitt

Daniel Tuitt

Website: https://danieltuitt.mystrikingly.com/
Twitter: @DanielTuitt

Who is Daniel Tuitt?

“Curious about the world, So I can be the catalyst for change!

A service and business designer who is….

Obsessed with the intersection between creativity, business and technology. I have years of experience working with brands to identify challenges that stop growth and the development of new ideas and navigate a complex environment by making sense of consumer and technology trends.

I’m a passionate storyteller, a highly creative thinker, corporate misfit and connector to support co-creation. I believe in disrupting myself with new ways of thinking as well as the clients I work with.

Years of experience working with clients as a management consultant has sharpened my creativity and understanding of trends to generate product and proposition ideas to drive value that resulted in accelerated innovation, new product development, piloting, launch and scale.

My professional mission is to focus on supporting brands to re-imagine their business so they can better relate to their consumers and their changing behaviours.

My specialisation helps me thrive between the intersections of technology shifts, changing consumer expectations and the emergence of new business models to develop new solutions in an evolving world.” (source)

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