Greg Bunbury

Greg Bunbury

Twitter: @gregbunbury

Who is Greg Bunbury?

“My name is Greg, and I’m a freelance Graphic Designer with a social focus. I design communications that enable organisations, communities and causes to connect with their audience.

I design creative strategies, logos, posters, advertising, and brand marketing communications. I do this in instances where those who want to make a difference need a diverse creative skill-set to meet their challenges, yet don’t have the resources to manage dozens of specialists.

As a former studio Head of Creative, I produced award-winning work for a marketing agency before going freelance. Since then I have successfully delivered thousands of branding, print and digital design projects for clients across the globe (many in music and film).

I approach Communication Design strategically, so I’m always focused on creating work that meets my client’s objectives, from raising awareness to increasing donations. From leading an initiative, to building a movement.

I’ve produced impactful work for brands and businesses including Sony Music, Ministry of Sound, Universal Music, Samsung, Heart Radio, Warner Music, Old El Paso, Jaguar, Polydor, Capital FM, and many more.

I’m forever curious and passionate about what drives culture – the big ideas that bring us together. I apply that curiosity to my work, and how I can help people strategically communicate their values to the world.

As a Black British designer, and a proud member of the design community, I use my voice to educate, engage, and share my extensive experience. I believe that a rising tide raises all ships, and through my blog I explore ways in which businesses, marketers and creatives might apply design thinking to better results.

I also curate the Black Outdoor Art project, an initiative in partnership with a media agency, that utilises unused billboard space as a platform for other Black British designers.

I look forward to learning how I can help you, better connect with your audience.” (source)

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