Kathleen A. Tucker

Kathleen A. Tucker

Website: https://katcxd.myportfolio.com/
Twitter: @KathleenATucke1

Who is Kathleen A. Tucker?

“My experience and skill sets are extensive, having worked as a freelance graphic designer for several years prior to landing a full-time position with Kinko’s now FedEx Office. I have acquired a little over 23 combined years of design, print and web experience under my belt. As a Graphic Designer for Kinko’s, I was responsible for consulting with customers and creating impactful visual concepts for projects. However, my role with FedEx Office has grown into a multifaceted position in which I perform a variety of responsibilities related to the customer/user experience process, including research, project management and visual design systems.

I also volunteered three years as Chief Creative Officer at IdeaNect, a start-up tech company here in the St. Louis Metropolitan area. Operating as CCO of a start-up affords me the opportunity to impact the company on multiple parts of the business. My responsibilities involved the proper cultivation and development of the overall creative direction of the company i.e. the company’s overall look and feel of marketing, media, branding and customer/user experiences.

My contributions to IdeaNect included but were not limited to developing design concepts that further the company’s brand identity, formulate short and long-term creative goals and strategies, maintaining the consistency over the quality and message of the creative team’s output, monitoring creative budget, making sure all projects are delivered within the projected parameters, enforcing deadlines and maintaining efficiency in the creative department. In addition, I was responsible for all research for the platform both web and mobile applications, and the translations of concepts into user flows, wire-frames, mock-ups and prototypes all while keeping current on existing and emerging technologies that best fit their company needs.

As my schedule allows, I do continue to take on additional freelance projects, creating engaging visual design solutions for print and web base applications, while incorporating the methodology of human-centered design with special focus on aligning business strategies with the customer’s overall experience.

When I’m not working, I enjoy spending time with my family and relaxing at home. I’m a wife of 33 years, mother of four adult men and grandmother of three adorable girls. My favorite indoor activity has always been bowling and when outdoors I really enjoy a friendly game of volleyball.” (source)

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