Felesia McDonald

Felesia McDonald

Website: https://iwebdesign360.com/
Twitter: @felesiadenon

Who is Felesia McDonald?

“My daughter recently asked me, ‘Are you always thinking about user experience’ after I made a comment about an online game that we were playing. The answer was ‘yes, I am because if it’s done right you don’t have to think about it!’

Bad design irritates me….which is what has led me to my passion as a UX Designer / Researcher. Understanding how the goals of the stakeholders and the needs of the user come together is the fun part of my job. UX Design and Research isn’t work, it’s what I truly enjoy being able to do every day.

My definition of user experience design is not an emphasis on design but understanding the user’s interaction throughout a product lifecycle. The research answers the ‘why’ behind any design decision.” (source)

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