Keisha Jordan

Keisha Jordan

Twitter: @82kthepainter

Who is Keisha Jordan?

“A motivated creative leader with over 15 years of experience developing conceptual ideas and beautiful executions for a variety of national brands. Comfortable managing all aspects of the creative process from every medium, including digital, video, social, experiential, design, and shopper marketing. Have worked in many categories, and have extensive knowledge in food, beverage, spirits, and confections. A vast experience of working in both total and multicultural marketing. Spearheaded and provided effective support to various teams and projects for flawless executions.

Ultimately, Keisha Jordan is an artist at her core. Under her creative moniker, Ayo Keeesh, she uses her art to inspire thought and creativity within the world around her. When she’s not creating campaigns for her clients, she’s collaborating with interior designers to create beautiful and culturally inspired textiles, partnering with non-profit organizations such as the Lupus Foundation of America, mentoring emerging young art directors, and exhibiting at various art shows and competitions. She is the founder and curator of, ULTRAVIOLET Art Show Fundraiser which showcases unique and original work of local and national artists helping to secure funding for Walk To End Lupus Now™. With the world as Keisha’s canvas, she paints with the strokes of color that accentuate the good and the beautiful within it.” (source)

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