Remy Sylvan

Remy Sylvan

Twitter: @roundtripremy

Who is Remy Sylvan?

“I’m a product designer with 9+ years of experience in tech, media/film, online dating, and finance, and e-learning, with a specific specialty in behavior change strategy.

From a skill perspective, I’m a mobile-first designer with cross-platform experience, and I distill complex problems into simple, user-centric experiences, through user testing, prototyping, user journeys, flow mapping, wireframing, interaction, & visual design.

I lead design through entire product lifecycles, and collaborate with UX writers, engineers, user researchers & data scientists to inform design decisions. I advocate for best design practices by working to maintain cohesive design systems and upholding brand guidelines. I value quality and polish thanks to a keen sensitivity to typography, hierarchy, and composition, which I formed while working in Advertising in my early years.” (source)

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