Pamela Green

Pamela Green

Twitter: @pamgreendesigns

Who is Pamela Green?

“A keen observer of human behavior, Pamela prides herself in delivering fresh, intelligent, and diverse work that fully encompasses the viewer’s experience. Regardless of its medium and degree of impression, she works with the following principles in mind:

  1. Design must be simple (function). Complex systems, products and services must be broken down into its simplest form in order to capture, engage, and convey a message within a moments glance.
  2. Design must be memorable (flow). It was taught that humans only recollect great experiences and terrible ones. Therefore it is important for experiences to flow and attach itself to an emotional component through sight, sound and/or touch in order to leave a lasting impression.
  3. Design must be relatable (familiarity). Your target audience must be able to associate to the content that you provide. How does it aid or assist?

Residing in Brooklyn, New York Pamela possesses over ten years of professional design experience working with small businesses and large corporations. From humanitarian non-profit B2B organizations to the competitive and ever so evolving B2C retail landscape, she is equipped to handle varying audiences through the implementation of graphic, illustrative, web, marketing, and management skills.” (source)

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