Marco Wright

Marco Wright


Who is Marco Wright?

“Marco Wright is a digital designer with over eight years of experience in creating engaging and effective designs for leading brands. He is currently working at a global sportswear brand in Beaverton, Oregon via Insight Global, where he designs digital executions for seasonal campaigns across various channels, including social,, and Nike Apps. He is proficient in Figma, and has a keen eye for aesthetics, usability, and accessibility.

Marco is passionate about design as a way of inspiring people to move, express themselves, and challenge the status quo. He has collaborated with art directors and designers on how to best use assets and inform shot lists for optimal digital engagement. He has previously worked with Nike and Thesis Agency, where he also brought innovative ideas to life for some of the world’s most iconic brands. He is always curious and always learning, always ready to mentor others and share his passion. He believes that design is not just about aesthetics, but about performance, culture, and impact.” (source)

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