Samuel McKinley Smithers

Samuel McKinley Smithers


Who is Samuel McKinley Smithers?

“I take pride in being humble, coachable, tenacious, and highly collaborative without taking anything for granted! Award-winning multidisciplinary creative, strategist, and marketer with global consumer design, digital, and traditional agency experience. I have written, directed, and conceived integrated campaigns for global brands, national clients, and almost everything else in between. My strengths are idea generation and leading creative teams in the areas of interactive projects, concept development, live action creative, visual systems, television advertising, outdoor, print, radio and much, much more! During my career, I have been extremely fortunate to have collaborated with truly remarkable client and product facing teams.

I am a passionate storyteller, a dreamer, a listener, a problem solver, and aesthetic filter. Through my experience I have found that design and innovation are derived through a human-centered approach by balancing creativity with rational thought, the needs of consumers, and the possibilities of technology. With this method, I strive towards combining beauty and function for solutions to today’s problems, translating them into meaningful experiences.

Forever a student of learning, I thrive on competition, dive headfirst with ambition and obsess over details. I enjoy learning new tools and exploring disciplines outside my comfort zone. I am motivated by curiosity, culture, human understanding, and the innate power of the individual. My focus and drive are to understand the duality of design, and the needs of the consumer. Child-like wonder keeps my imagination flowing. I look for function and purpose, but most of all improving the lives of others.

I look forward to building new experiences.” (source)

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