Samuel McKinley Smithers

LinkedIn: Who is Samuel McKinley Smithers? “I take pride in being humble, coachable, tenacious, and highly collaborative without taking anything for granted! Award-winning multidisciplinary creative, strategist, and marketer with global consumer design, digital, and traditional agency experience. I have written, directed, and conceived integrated campaigns for global brands, national clients, and almost everything else […]

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Keith Aric Hall

Website: Twitter: @keitharichall Who is Keith Aric Hall? “I design and prototype usable experiences with elegant interactions and scalable front-end code. Using both quantitative and qualitative research methods, I explore, analyze and create solutions that seek to empower users while achieving business objectives. Experience has taught me that our first solutions are rarely the […]

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MaCherie Edwards Rust

Website: Twitter: @MacherieEdwards Who is MaCherie Edwards Rust? “Hi, I’m MaCherie, a User Experience Designer who: Knows the difference between UI and UX (and can help you out with both) Tells engaging stories that build empathy and generate user-centered experiences Checks her ego and biases at the door Believes it’s possible to create products that […]

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Alisha Moore

Website: Twitter: @MooreAustin Who is Alisha Moore? “Hi, I’m Alisha Moore, a graphic designer living and working in Austin, TX. I specialize in out-of-the box designs, but embrace every style – from traditional to whimsical. I hope you find something in my portfolio that moves, touches and inspires you. I have an unparalleled love for […]

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