Charles Babb

Website: Twitter: @charlesbabb Who is Charles Babb? “Creative technologist with broad experience in all aspects of project management and coordination, marketing, business management, organizational development, and solution navigation. Direct experience in video game production, research and development, film and television production, graphic novel development, project management, event promotions, trend analysis, and negotiations.” (source)

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Cameron T. Moore

Website: Twitter: @HeyDJCam Who is Cameron T. Moore? “Cameron T. Moore is a multi-discipline creative professional who has worked in startup, agency, and the entertainment industries including award shows, music, live events & TV. Previously, he strategized and designed social media marketing campaigns for Marvel Entertainment (including comics, TV, Games and Film). On his […]

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Rachel Walker

Website: Twitter: @Raychatter Who is Rachel Walker? “I love challenges, continuous improvement, and using technology to create a positive impact on society. I happily work at a company the provides me with all of those things (and more). Outside of business hours, I can usually be found riding my bicycle, exploring new places, or […]

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Isaiah Andrew

Website: Twitter: @isaiahandrew Who is Isaiah Andrew? “Hi, I’m Isaiah, an experience design director with a focus in interactive retail product design. I’m currently the UX ACD for the Interactive Design team at Apple. I also co-founded and am an advisor at Advocate, a political advocacy, awareness and education platform. Previously, I was the […]

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Lauren Black

Website: Twitter: @LRNBLK000000 Who is Lauren Black? “I’m a Chicago born / Los Angeles based Designer bringing a background in Visual Design along for the ride, with nearly 10 years of experience complimented by social media strategy and experiential marketing. From end to end, I aim to craft truly satisfying, intuitive, and empowering experiences […]

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Devan Anderson

Website: Twitter: @devanondeck Who is Devan Anderson? “I’m a college dropout that was one of the first employees of Snapchat, specifically on the Content team— specialized in local Los Angeles coverage as well as Fashion. Throughout my time there I learned a ton! Most notably how tech and creative can support business goals and […]

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Chris Grant

Website: Twitter: @OnlyChrisGrant Who is Chris Grant? “A multidisciplinary product designer based primarily in SF, NY, and LA. His work has focused on search/discovery, identity, personalization, productivity, systems, and transaction experiences. He dabbles in the world of emergent consumer and enterprise tech. No soliciting please.” (source)

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Benjamin Earl Evans

Website: Twitter: @benjamineevans Who is Benjamin Earl Evans? “Benjamin Earl Evans is a inclusive design lead – a new breed of problem solvers tackling issues like racism, sexism and bias. He uses design thinking to help everyone – from creative professionals to business leaders – create more inclusive products and services. Currently, he works […]

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Erwin Hines

Website: Twitter: @erwinhines Who is Erwin Hines? “I am a Creative Director at BASIC where I help develop brand programs and digital platforms for companies like Google, Beats By Dre, Nixon, L’Oreal and more.” (source)

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Micah Carroll

Website: @_micahcarroll Who is Micah Carroll? Hi, i’m Micah and currently i’m deeply interested in product design and development. when i say development i mean front end, because i just love css. I found my way into design realm from making forum signatures for free and then eventually coding my own website. that was […]

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Donna Lamar

Website: Twitter: @StalkingMuses Who is Donna Lamar? “Donna Lamar is an award winning creative and production professional with over 15 years of executive level management experience. She lives in Los Angeles and works with global brands and entertainment companies crafting multiplatform content from ideation through production. Transmedia storytelling is her expertise. From head of […]

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Free Rosas

Website: Twitter: @FreeDaGeek Who is Free Rosas? “Hi, my name is Free. I build beautiful & functional websites for small business clients. I have an extensive background in digital marketing and web development (front and back-end), advanced knowledge of all social media platforms, content management systems (including WordPress), as well as search engine optimization […]

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Jennifer Moy

Website: Twitter: @MonoMonoTweets Who is Jennifer Moy? “I’m a spunky graphic designer new to the San Francisco Bay Area that has a passion for life and creativity. I enjoy the challenge of developing a solid concept and turning it into a successful design. I have an in depth understating in the marketing and advertising […]

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Yakka Murphy

Website: Twitter: @yakone Who is Yakka Murphy? “With a background in creative awesomeness, I am known to be a detail oriented, naturally motivated, highly creative individual. I am a determined and organized team member with the ability to multi-task within tight deadlines. The goal of producing the best product for users at the least […]

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Myisha Haynes

Website: Twitter: @palaceofposey Who is Myisha Haynes? “I am a dedicated 2D games artist, concept artist and illustrator with experience creating in-game, published 2D art for a top-selling cross-platform game studio. I have experience in working in Unity, Maya, and Spine, along with published sequential art in Elements Anthology by the award-winning Beyond Press […]

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Justin Johnson

Website: Twitter: @justynclark Who is Justin Johnson? “As you read this I’m most likely sipping coffee, writing and testing elegant code, contributing to Open Source in the web community while taking responsibility and command of the changes in next generation web technology, trends, and user experience. I am actively engaged with official and current […]

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Lisette Titre-Montgomery

Website: Twitter: @zette16 Who is Lisette Titre-Montgomery? “Lisette Titre is a video game developer with over thirteen years of industry experience. Her artistic skills include special effects, character modeling, and texture painting. In addition, she has also managed global art teams in China, Australia, India, and the Philippines. Lisette has contributed to some of the […]

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William Tyner

Website: Twitter: @WillTyner1 Who is William Tyner? “William is a San Francisco based anthropologist, designer and photographer. He was born in Baltimore and grew up in Dayton. He’s passionate about designing solutions that improve individuals’ access to educational, financial and other important resources in their communities. He’s passionate about telling stories. He has conducted fieldwork […]

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Steve Johnson

Website: Twitter: @bydisgn Who is Steve Johnson? “Technology professional specializing in the development of highly performant, creative, and diverse User Experience organizations at scale. Currently leading a multi-disciplinary team at LinkedIn (Product Designers, Brand and Marketing Designers, Researchers, and Voice & Tone specialists) which has created a multi-platform experience model that’s transformed how LinkedIn members […]

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