Farai Madzima

Website: https://faraimadzima.com/ Twitter: @farai_uxguy Who is Farai Madzima? “I’m Farai Madzima, a Zimbabwean UX designer, conference organiser, and speaker living in Canada. INTERACTION DESIGN I hang with the logistics experience design leadership team at Shopify, where we’re building next-generation ecommerce tools that make commerce easier for everyone. In a past life, in South Africa, I […]

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Glenford Laughton

Website: https://glenfordlaughton.com/ Twitter: @GGLaughton Who is Glenford Laughton? “With over 20 years of industry experience, I have worked as a graphic designer with start-ups, corporations, design agencies, marketing companies and individuals from across the world. I love creating effective compelling visual solutions and I bring in-depth industry expertise and multi-disciplinary skills to any project. I believe […]

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Awuradwoa Afful

Website: http://www.awuradwoa-afful.com Twitter: @rajieee_ Who is Awuradwoa Afful? “Awuradwoa Afful is a graduate from Seneca College’s 3-year animation program, and carries BFA from OCAD University (Drawing and Painting). Awuradwoa (pronounced “”A-RA-JU-A””) has always had a fascination with animation since she was a child. This website demonstrates her experimentation and love for art, as she embarks […]

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Chibuzo Uguru

Website: http://chibuzouguru.com Twitter: @C_Uguru Who is Chibuzo Uguru? “Front-End Developer, with a love for clean design and great looking photographs. I am currently enrolled in the Interactive Media Management (IMM) Graduate Certificate Program at Sheridan College, and I’m interested in the development of scalable web applications as well as creating beautiful, user-friendly websites.” (source)

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