Wes Lewis

Website: http://theweslewis.com/ Twitter: @theweslewis Who is Wes Lewis? “I am a digital experience consultant with a passion for delivering aesthetically-amazing, universally-accessible, digital products. I’ve been fortunate to lend my expertise in user experience design and agile project management to clients across multiple federal agencies and top-tier consulting firms over the past 14 years. Coaching, motivating, […]

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Valerie A. Williams

Website: https://ohsdesign.com Twitter: @onehipsista Who is Valerie A. Williams? “I’ve been blessed to provide creative web, print and branding expertise and beyond for major corporations, entertainers and professional athletes since 1998. I’m passionate about supporting my clients with creative that reflects and represents who they are but more importantly, where they are destined to go. […]

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Fatimah Kabba

Website: https://www.teemah.com Twitter: @fatimahkabba Who is Fatimah Kabba? “Hi, I’m Fatimah. I’m a designer and brand writer focused on the interplay of design and technology. Leveraging narrative writing I develop projects ranging from brand systems and web experiences to interactive data visualizations and physical product designs. I’ve spent my career gaining experience in both the […]

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Tosh Juma

Website: http://www.tosh.co.ke Twitter: @iTosh Who is Tosh Juma? “I am a digital designer based in Nairobi. I design with a love for User Experience. It’s central to everything I do. I am passionate about simplicity, ease of use and aesthetic beauty. The scope of my work includes strategy, interaction and visual design, as well as prototype development.” […]

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