Francine A. Thompson

Website: LinkedIn: Who is Francine A. Thompson? “I’m Francine – a designer based out of San Diego focused on brand design but always expanding. My work has its roots in curiosity and smart strategy but comes to life through considered, holistic systems that give brands life. I work beyond the Graphic Designer title. […]

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Alexandria Williams

LinkedIn: Who is Alexandria Williams? “Alexandria is a solution oriented creative, a writer and a critical thinker. She creates digital stories about people, places, ideas, experiences and popular culture. As a leader she spends days analyzing the message in the medium. She has worked with notable clients such as P&G, J&J, L’Oréal, Estée Lauder, […]

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Addison Spears

Website: @AddSpears Who is Addison Spears? As an experienced designer and creative strategist equipped with an MBA, I am deeply passionate about working with people to make their vision a reality. I love projects where I can help people reach their audience, express their message, and create unique ways to connect their organization and […]

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