Melody Nieves

Website: Twitter: @mellonieves Who is Melody Nieves? “I’m a digital artist with big hair and an even bigger passion for creativity. I started digitally painting back in 2006 and have been in love ever since. When I’m not painting I’m a regular contributor to some of my favorite design blogs. My Work I like […]

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Ovetta Sampson

Website: @writingprincess Who is Ovetta Sampson? “After decades of failing and succeeding forward I’m finally living my best life. As a Design Research Lead at IDEO here in Chicago I am blessed to collaborate with some of the most talented, kind and uber smart people as we create a human-centered designed future.I am beyond […]

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Brandan Craft

Website: Twitter: @BrandanCraft Who is Brandan Craft? “I am a practicing designer, entrepreneur, and educator. Upon completing my undergraduate studies at The University of Pittsburgh I was hired as a Visual Communication Designer on Nationwide’s Usability and Design Team. After seven years at Nationwide, I decided to attend The Ohio State University to pursue […]

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Nijel Taylor

Website: Twitter: @nijeltaylor Who is Nijel Taylor? “Nijel Taylor is a visual designer skilled in branding, corporate identity, and animation. A recent graduate of The University of the Arts (2014), he graduated as the Valedictorian with honors in Graphic Design. As a designer at Lippincott, he has had the great fortune of designing for […]

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Wylesha Rachell

Website: Twitter: @WyleshaRachell Who is Wylesha Rachell? “Future business growth is enhanced by timely, innovative, proactive, and creative service in today’s service oriented society. I have learned that customer loyalty is always influenced by the employment of the right professionals to represent you to your most valued clients. I have very strong skills in […]

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Valerie Thompson

Website: Twitter: @LeapGraphics Who is Valerie Thompson? “I am a true artist at heart and love to help organizations look the best they possibly can to the world. Regardless of industry, budget, audience or age, it excites me to creatively form a marketing and promotion solution for businesses that stimulates growth. I love to […]

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Andrea Pippins

Website: Twitter: @flygirlblog Who is Andrea Pippins? “Andrea Pippins is a designer and educator with a penchant for cool and personality as warm as her Brazilian roots. Andrea’s first glimpse into the design world began when she encountered a television profile about a magazine art director, she then saw Halle Berry’s role as an art director […]

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