Michael Tinglin

Website: https://mtinglin.com LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/michaeltinglin Who is Michael Tinglin? “I am passionate about crafting exceptional products and services, drawing on my background in Design and Social Sciences to deliver award-winning solutions for organizations and clients across diverse verticals and mediums. Leading teams on both client and agency sides, I have successfully delivered high-ROI digital products and […]

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Vince Wanga

Website: https://vwanga.com LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/vincent-wanga Who is Vince Wanga? “Vincent Wanga is a fine artist, designer, creative director, consultant, and entrepreneur with almost two decades of professional experience in a multitude of creative disciplines. Inspired by art, film, architecture, technology, and travel, he has explored the world collecting creative inspiration while collaborating with a diverse constituency […]

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Jeremy Biggers

Website: https://jeremybiggers.com Twitter: @Stemandthorn Who is Jeremy Biggers? “Jeremy Biggers. Award-Winning Creator. Problem Solver. Fine-Artist. Designer. Photographer. Film Maker. Based in Dallas, Texas.   Dubbed “Dallas’ Hardest Working Multi-Hyphenate” by D Magazine, from drawing to painting to graphic design to photography to film making, Jeremy Biggers has been involved with image making his entire life.  He […]

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Annika Hansteen-Izora

Website: https://www.annikaizora.com Twitter: @annikaizora Who is Annika Hansteen-Izora? “What’s good? I’m Annika (she/they/he). I’m an artist, writer, and designer based in Brooklyn, NY on unceded Lenape land. I explore the intersections of design, radical Black imagination, art and technology to create ecosystems rooted in dreaming and care. As of late, I’ve been exploring the topics […]

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Schessa Garbutt

Website: https://schessa.com/ Twitter: @the_schessa Who is Schessa Garbutt? “Schessa Garbutt (she/they) is the founder and creative force behind Firebrand. While her core creative talents lie in brand identity design, she is also an avid writer, speaker, and blossoming type designer. Recently at SF Design Week she gave a talk titled ‘Black Lives Matter is Not […]

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Morris Callegari

Website: https://morriscallegari.com/ Twitter: @morriscallegari Who is Morris Callegari? “Morris Callegari is a designer/illustrator living in Berkeley, CA. He’s currently a 3D Artist at Meta. On nights and weekends he’s been working on his short film, Elsewhere, which wrapped in April and is currently being entered into film festivals.” (source)

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Brandon Rowlett

Website: https://browlett.myportfolio.com/ Twitter: @iB_dat Who is Brandon Rowlett? “A multi-disciplinary creative with strong analytical skills whose understanding of technology, psychology, and business generates user-experiences that exceed expectations for both internal and external clients. I take a user-centered design approach, and value collaboration from team members and stakeholders. I produce elegant design solutions and intuitive user-experiences […]

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Jovon Rossman

Website: https://jovon.me/ Twitter: @dxignista Who is Jovon Rossman? “Jovon is the Associate Director of Design for digital commerce at AT&T. She leads a team of UX and visual designers that transform complex business objectives into simple experiences for att.com customers. A self-taught designer, Jovon’s practiced design & coding since receiving her first computer at the […]

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Momo Pixel

Website: https://www.momopixel.com/ Twitter: @MomoUhOh Who is Momo Pixel? “An award-winning multidisciplinary artist and professional creative. My work is a culmination of the things I like; whether thats more color, a higher standard, or moral truth. I’m not one to hold my tongue and my critique game is strong. But as hard as I am on […]

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Jay Davis

Website: https://www.natalagedavis.com/ Twitter: @artlessjay Who is Jay Davis? “My work as a designer and illustrator runs the gamut, from typography and book covers, to marketing and email campaigns. Some of the work included here comes from my personal passions —women artists, literature, and sustainable design— but I’ve also been fortunate enough to do work for […]

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Kara Gates

Website: http://www.karagates.com/ Twitter: @karagates Who is Kara Gates? “Kara Gates is a designer, artist, and musician, working on Fuchsia at Google. Kara’s mission is to be a positive force in the world by empowering individuals and communities to live more meaningful lives. Social impact, environmental justice, and inclusivity are at the heart of her design […]

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Ari Curtis

Website: https://www.byaricurtis.com/ Twitter: @ari_curtis Who is Ari Curtis? “I’m a Brooklyn-based writer and designer. My writing generally explores the way media and culture interact with our lived experiences—for instance, the intersections of “reality” and reality, race and gender, and movements and the media that covers them.” (source, abridged)

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Karabo Poppy Molestane

Website: https://www.behance.net/Karabo_Poppy Twitter: @karabo_poppy Who is Karabo Poppy Molestane? “Karabo Poppy Moletsane is a Gold Craft Loerie award-winning Johannesburg based Illustrator/Designer who is passionate about the preservation of the African aesthetic. She is drawn to all that makes South Africa so full of zest, culture and innovation. She also founded a creative agency called Mother Tongue […]

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Carolyne Hill

Website: http://www.carolynehill.com Twitter: @chillcreate Who is Carolyne Hill? “I am an independent designer with a background in art direction and branding. Having left the corporate world in January 2016, I am now on a new creative path of discovery. 2017 has seen the launch of ChillCreate, a lifestyle brand from Brixton, London. The first capsule […]

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Fatimah Kabba

Website: https://www.teemah.com Twitter: @fatimahkabba Who is Fatimah Kabba? “Hi, I’m Fatimah. I’m a designer and brand writer focused on the interplay of design and technology. Leveraging narrative writing I develop projects ranging from brand systems and web experiences to interactive data visualizations and physical product designs. I’ve spent my career gaining experience in both the […]

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Maika Sozo

Website: https://www.sozomaika.com Twitter: @SOZOMAIKA Who is Maika Sozo? “SOZOMAIKA is a digital illustrator, concept artist, and 3D generalist currently based in New York City. Maika is best known for her approach towards fashion design in her character illustrations. There is a notable influence from noir and eastern design elements in her work. So far she […]

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Sean Apparicio

Website: http://iloveyoumytv.com Twitter: @boredwithlove Who is Sean Apparicio? “I’m a freelance creative director, animator and designer living and working in New York with over 17 years experience. I Work primarily in the fields of brand identity, graphic design, design direction, advertising and film-making, but I’m pretty versatile which means I’m just as happy a commercial […]

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William Tyner

Website: http://www.willtyner.com Twitter: @WillTyner1 Who is William Tyner? “William is a San Francisco based anthropologist, designer and photographer. He was born in Baltimore and grew up in Dayton. He’s passionate about designing solutions that improve individuals’ access to educational, financial and other important resources in their communities. He’s passionate about telling stories. He has conducted fieldwork […]

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Vaughn Fender

Website: http://vaughnfender.com Twitter: @vaughnfender Who is Vaughn Fender? “Born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica, Vaughn is a designer, illustrator and letterer. His work is marked by hand-drawn characters, letters, vibrant colors, and a bit of randomness. When not 9-to-5ing at Taylor Design in Stamford, he spends the other hours creating in a variety of ways for […]

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R. Brian Stone

Website: https://design.osu.edu/people/stone.158 Twitter: @rbrianstone Who is R. Brian Stone? “R. Brian Stone is an Associate Professor at The Ohio State University focused in the area of motion design, interaction design, user experience, and information visualization. He is a member of the Visual Communication and Graduate faculty and has served as Graduate Studies Committee Chair and as […]

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Jared Erondu

Website: http://jarederondu.com Twitter: @erondu Who is Jared Erondu? “I’m a writer and designer from Brooklyn, living in San Francisco. In the past, I’ve worked with Evomail (co-founder), Omada Health, Envato, TED, and Treehouse among others. Currently co-founder & editor of The Industry, and design lead at Lift. Advising companies here and there.” (source)

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