Marco Wright

Website: LinkedIn: Who is Marco Wright? “Marco Wright is a digital designer with over eight years of experience in creating engaging and effective designs for leading brands. He is currently working at a global sportswear brand in Beaverton, Oregon via Insight Global, where he designs digital executions for seasonal campaigns across various channels, […]

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Braylan Gray

Website: Twitter: @BrayGray Who is Braylan Gray? “Based in the Bay Area, I design digital interfaces that focus on unique branded experiences. I’m a techie and design geek at heart, and I love hacking culture to deliver thoughtful digital products to users. My primary areas of focus are UI/UX, art direction, and branding; and […]

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Laith Wallace

Website: Twitter: @laithwallace Who is Laith Wallace? “Hi! I’m Laith. I’m a digital designer with over 7 years of experience in: User experience (UI/UX/IA) Brand & Identity Design Digital product design (web, mobile, web apps) Marketing & strategy I create products that simplify, delight and drive revenue. My passion is creating great experiences for […]

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Tosh Juma

Website: Twitter: @iTosh Who is Tosh Juma? “I am a digital designer based in Nairobi. I design with a love for User Experience. It’s central to everything I do. I am passionate about simplicity, ease of use and aesthetic beauty. The scope of my work includes strategy, interaction and visual design, as well as prototype development.” […]

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Gillean Opoku

Website: Twitter: @GilleanO Who is Gillean Opoku? “I was born in Australia to Ghanaian parents and found it very hard to find myself in the mix of the Australian and Ghanaian (African) culture. From a young age, I turned to creativity to find myself and maintain my culture. I followed through and pursued design at a […]

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