Akai Brandon Suddeth

Website:¬†https://akaimade.com/ Twitter: @akaimade Who is Akai Brandon Suddeth? “I love making things beautiful without comprising functionality. I have a passion for creating rich web experiences. I am fortunate enough to be able to mix my skills in web development, photography, videography and branding in order to create interactive online experiences.” (source)

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Benjamin Earl Evans

Website: http://benjaminevans.com/ Twitter: @benjamineevans Who is Benjamin Earl Evans? “Benjamin Earl Evans is a inclusive design lead – a new breed of problem solvers tackling issues like racism, sexism and bias. He uses design thinking to help everyone – from creative professionals to business leaders – create more inclusive products and services. Currently, he works […]

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Dominic M. Liddell

Website: http://www.dominicmliddell.com Twitter:¬†@dominicmliddell Who is Dominic M. Liddell? “Dominic is an educator, coder, digital marketer, and social entrepreneur that began his professional career in technology in 2006. Prior to founding Coding While Black, Dominic founded and operated Apex Website Services helping entrepreneurs develop and maintain their online presence. Dominic is passionate about using his knowledge […]

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