Sharae Gibbs

Website: LinkedIn: Who is Sharae Gibbs? “A Founder, Director, and Interaction Designer. I leverage my knowledge of Human-Centered Design and UX to mentor junior designers. As an instructional designer, I combine my passion for design and technology to develop curriculum. I enjoy teaching, nature, art, and playing spades.” (source)

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Chaz Bottoms

Website: Twitter: @ChazzyMcFly Who is Chaz Bottoms? “Chaz Bottoms is a director, animator, writer and owner of CBA Studios. Originally from Cleveland Ohio, he received his BFA in Animation from DePaul University in Chicago, IL. Currently living in Los Angeles, CA. His work has appeared in Toonboom, AfroPunk, Vibe Magazine, and Saint Heron. Chaz’s […]

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