Julian Gilliam

Website: https://www.juliangilliam.com LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/juliangilliam Who is Julian Gilliam? “Julian brings his thorough understanding of popular cultures through a well-versed lens to the table of marketing and advertising. He understands social and digital strategy to an emotional level across platforms. From a real-life social perspective to how TV, digital, and OOH content should live in the […]

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Rashida Morgan-Brown

Website: https://www.rashidasdesigns.com LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rashidamorganbrown Who is Rashida Morgan-Brown? “Rashida Morgan-Brown is an award winning Creative Director in the Magazine and Publishing industry. As a visual story teller she has lead creative art, photo, video production, and photo teams to award winning success. She is this year’s Eddie and Ozzie Art Director of the Year winner. […]

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Sharae Gibbs

Website: https://www.shedesigns.org LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sharaegibbs Who is Sharae Gibbs? “A Founder, Director, and Interaction Designer. I leverage my knowledge of Human-Centered Design and UX to mentor junior designers. As an instructional designer, I combine my passion for design and technology to develop curriculum. I enjoy teaching, nature, art, and playing spades.” (source)

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Kathryn Hicks

Website: https://www.gokatcreate.com LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kathryn-hicks-2aa64942 Who is Kathryn Hicks? “Hello! I’m Kathryn Hicks. I’m the Founder & Art Director of Creature Studio, leading a skilled team of creators on adventures in the XR realm. For eight thrilling years, I’ve spread my wings in AR, VR, and MR, from mystical medical and educational content to enchanting virtual […]

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Karen Spears

Website: https://karennichole.norby.live Twitter: @kareracter Who is Karen Spears? “Karen Spears is the founder of Kareracter, a creative firm specializing in hand-lettering projects. Kareracter’s most recent project is The Wintrust Mural, in collaboration with The Daniel Murphy Scholarship Fund. Past art commission clients include The Chicago Foundation for Women, Chicago City Clerk Anna Valencia, and Village […]

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Schessa Garbutt

Website: https://schessa.com/ Twitter: @the_schessa Who is Schessa Garbutt? “Schessa Garbutt (she/they) is the founder and creative force behind Firebrand. While her core creative talents lie in brand identity design, she is also an avid writer, speaker, and blossoming type designer. Recently at SF Design Week she gave a talk titled ‘Black Lives Matter is Not […]

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Chris Cochran

Website: https://hackervalley.com/ Twitter: @chriscochrcyber Who is Chris Cochran? “I am a cybersecurity professional, leader, and content creator. I have extensive experience building and running strong cybersecurity programs. I have a deep history with and passion for: security operations, engineering, and leadership. My ultimate passion is finding and amplifying human stories in cybersecurity to inspire and […]

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Blake Johnson

Website: http://blakejohnson.brandyourself.com/ Twitter: @blake41 Who is Blake Johnson? “Blake is a self-taught developer who has been coding and teaching others to code for the past 6 years. He was one of the first employees of the Flatiron School and led its partnership with the Tech Talent Pipeline of NYC creating a free version of the […]

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