Pariss Chandler

Website: Twitter: @ParissAthena Who is Pariss Chandler? “I’m creator of the hashtag and movement #BlackTechTwitter, Founder of Black Tech Pipeline (#BlackTechPipeline)- a platform bringing continued support, resources, and opportunity to the Black community in the tech industry. I began my career as a front-end developer after graduating from the Resilient Coders bootcamp. Now, while […]

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Olu Niyi-Awosusi

Website: Twitter: @oluoluoxenfree Who is Olu Niyi-Awosusi? “I’m Olu. I live in London. I’m a frontend developer who adores JavaScript-based technologies. I’ve been in love with the internet ever since I installed dial-up on the family computer, back when NTL was still a thing and it timed out every 15 minutes! I like social enterprises, […]

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Chibuzo Uguru

Website: Twitter: @C_Uguru Who is Chibuzo Uguru? “Front-End Developer, with a love for clean design and great looking photographs. I am currently enrolled in the Interactive Media Management (IMM) Graduate Certificate Program at Sheridan College, and I’m interested in the development of scalable web applications as well as creating beautiful, user-friendly websites.” (source)

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Preston Kent

Website: Twitter: @PrestonKent Who is Preston Kent? “I am a UX Designer, visual designer, and I do some front-end development…just a creative designer who loves solving problems. On a typical day you can find me with a pair of nice kicks, iced coffee, and the world at my fingertips while improving your everyday brands. […]

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Justin Johnson

Website: Twitter: @justynclark Who is Justin Johnson? “As you read this I’m most likely sipping coffee, writing and testing elegant code, contributing to Open Source in the web community while taking responsibility and command of the changes in next generation web technology, trends, and user experience. I am actively engaged with official and current […]

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Yemi Oteyowo

Website: Twitter: @mcYemmy1 Who is Yemi Oteyowo? “Yemi Oteyowo is a Senior developer with 10+ years of experience specializing in Front end implementation of Web applications. In this role, Yemi has developed applications, documented technical designs, created Style guides, code reviewed peers work and trained new hires on company specific coding process. With a […]

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Caesar Blue

Website: Twitter: @caesarB Who is Caesar Blue? “I have over 14 years of professional design industry experience with the last four focusing heavily on interactive media and management. My background consist of being a graphic designer, web designer, PHP programmer, project manager and now creative director. I’m always looking for opportunities to utilize my skills […]

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Kim Goulbourne

Website: Twitter: @kimmikye Who is Kim Goulbourne? “The digital world is where my heart lies. My focus lies in pixel perfect designs for all types of websites and developing them with semantic and emerging front end web technologies. As the web continues to advance, more people rely heavily on online services; my goal is […]

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Claire Annan

Website: Twitter: @cannanso Who is Claire Annan? “Claire’s experience as a front-end developer all started with a BS in Technical Communication. This degree involved technical writing for web applications, using HTML to build online help guides. Thus began her love for writing code and delivering quality web sites. Instead of writing for developers, she […]

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Mina Markham

Website: Twitter: @MinaMarkham Who is Mina Markham? “I’m a designer/front-end developer with a passion for the web, social media, minimalism & typography. Currently living & loving in Dallas, Texas. Like most creatives, I’m likely to buy something that’s in a pretty box, even if I don’t need it. Likewise, I’ll refuse to work with a business with a […]

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Homer Gaines

Website: Twitter: @xirclebox Who is Homer Gaines? “I started designing and building web sites in 1994. Working on projects for various clients both domestic and international. My work has included freelance projects with a high degree of creative flexibility as well as global corporate initiatives that require close attention to compliance standards. I have a […]

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