Neil Jones

Website: Twitter: @Aerial_Knight Who is Neil Jones? “Neil Jones, known by his alias Aerial_Knight is a Detroit based Games Developer, Designer and Artist. His growing frustration with the games industry’s lack of opportunities for people of different backgrounds at the time led Neil to start development of his own games. Offering different takes on […]

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Momo Pixel

Website: Twitter: @MomoUhOh Who is Momo Pixel? “An award-winning multidisciplinary artist and professional creative. My work is a culmination of the things I like; whether thats more color, a higher standard, or moral truth. I’m not one to hold my tongue and my critique game is strong. But as hard as I am on […]

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Laura Simpson

Website: Twitter: @labmouse Who is Laura Simpson? “Laura Simpson is a user experience designer and game designer based in New York City. I am an energetic source for ideas and explosions. I make code dance and pixels quiver. I craft clarity and solutions. Interaction design is a combination of disciplines, offering different ways of […]

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