Taneshia Marshall

Website: http://taneshiamarshall.com Twitter: @missTmarshall Who is Taneshia Marshall? “I have a Masters in Education and a Bachelors in Computing. I enjoy developing games, multimedia, and educational tools. Over the years I’ve worked on some pretty cool projects: interactive touchscreen games, digital learning tools, training simulations, and casino games. I love being strategic, resourceful, and get […]

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Graham Reid

Website: http://grahamreid.com Twitter: @GrahamOfLegend Who is Graham Reid? “Graham is a born and raised Jamaican who after high school traveled to the foreign lands of Savannah, GA to attend SCAD. He completed his journey with a BFA in Broadcast Design and Motion Graphics and went on to live in NYC where he currently resides. For […]

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Lisette Titre-Montgomery

Website: http://www.lisettetitre.com Twitter: @zette16 Who is Lisette Titre-Montgomery? “Lisette Titre is a video game developer with over thirteen years of industry experience. Her artistic skills include special effects, character modeling, and texture painting. In addition, she has also managed global art teams in China, Australia, India, and the Philippines. Lisette has contributed to some of the […]

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